Jorge Admin Application.

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Re: Jorge Admin Application.

Post  swag on Tue Jan 10, 2012 1:17 pm

This application has been stripped from mine,
I am the original author of the application.
(Stephon Barnett)


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Re: Jorge Admin Application.

Post  iCollapse on Mon Sep 19, 2011 5:29 pm


Dont try to fucking fool me


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Jorge Admin Application.

Post  Jorge on Fri Sep 09, 2011 4:32 am

Your Name: Georgina Jorge.

Your IGN: Rain.

Ingame Level/Rebirths: Level 25 / 0 rebirths.

Location/Time: San Jose, CA / (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

How Active are You: I honestly could be online at anytime of the day for any amount of hours. Reason being,I am out of school
and I am currently not tied down to any job. Pretty much whatever is needed at the moment, If you want me to play at night, I can play at night, If you want me playing in the day, Ill play in the day,
so,basically i am dedicating my time to Midnightstory

How long have you been playing MidnightStory: Exactly 1 day .

Do you have any GM Experience, If so please provide proof, and a description: GM of SnakeStory

Why Should we Pick You what can you do to help, please do not rewrite anything from above: I've been a maple player for years, and know the game inside out.
I've been a GM on some server, including owning a successful one of my own.
I have experience with how to GM, using ID's and engaging the community with fun and fair events.
I genuinely enjoy having power, not for greedy reasons, but so I can always be of help to others. I find that when I have the power to, I am much more helpful and useful than without power.
I believe that you should pick me because I'll do the Job every a GM is supposed to do. ( Patrol the server, Help new players, assist with event's, Stop fight's and Drama, If there are hacker's, temp ban until proven innocent) I could also come up with Idea's on what New event's we could have, what we should include and exclude in this server.I will test things out if needed. Furthermore,if elected GM,since i won't be wasting time training,I will have much more time to aid and assist the community. It will be my priority and focus to monitor and manage the community and deal with all problems and issues.I enjoy hanging out with the community and just being around them so aiding them will be no problem. People come to me for help at times and i actually enjoy helping them. I can tolerate when I get asked a common sense questions and I will take my time to ensure the person understands clearly and leaves my assistance happy.I'll even walk them through it if need be.

What would you do if your not picked for GM: If I am not picked as a GM , I won't basically just leave this server . I am not one of those gm wannabe's . so basically , I will stay on the server and help players even though I am a player.

Additional Info: I am 15 years old this year , enough mature to know what is right and what is wrong . I take my job as a GM/Admin seriously and don't break the rules and regulation given by the admin or the owner.

Contact Info: Window Live messanger - innerstorygm@hotmail(dot)com

Any other Information: I started playing Maplestory (GMS) in 2007/08 with a few friends from school. After getting a few characters 100+, I got bored of the game. To solve my boredom, I made a brand new account, on another world, and began hacking for fun. I know hacking is bad and etc, but I wasn't using it to further my wealth or anything. After hacking myself to 100, I got bored, and just quit maple all together. Few months roll by, and my friend tells me about OdinMS. I joined Odin, and began contributing to the forums however I could. Once OdinMS died, I went to a smaller community server running on Titan Source called PirateMS. During this time, I helped with EXTENSIVE bug tests and solutions. The server eventually died due to a lack of funds, and then I quit maple for 4-5 months. I got in the mood and decided to look up a private server, and I found one called CobaltBlueMS. A few days after joining up and befriending the owner, he decided to stop hosting it, and simply sent me the database, and said good luck. I was still young and decided to pass the database onto another trusty admin. After this time, I learned how to use MySQL, as well as how the structure of a server works and functions. The server ran for about 5-6 months before we decided to close it down. I quit maple again for a year, and decided to start up again, this time, finding DestinyMS. DestinyMS was really fun, but rollback after rollback, and an "elite" community bogged me down. I decided to quit. I have played in over 60+ servers. I am pretty tech savvy. I built my own laptop and customized my pc. It's obvious that a part of a GM's job is to prevent hacking and what not, but apps do not really show what people who applied can actually as part of the staff. I've applied for alot of spots as staff, but this app wasn't my favorite.

Thank you for Reading my Application . Have fun (:

Sincerely Jorge /Rain


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Re: Jorge Admin Application.

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