Alee's GM Application

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Alee's GM Application

Post  alexrrr on Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:04 am

Your Name: Alex

Your IGN: Alee

Ingame Level/Rebirths: 0, 0 i just started

Location/Time: USA. Central standard Time.

How Active are You: Everyday for at least 2 hours

How long have you been playing MidnightStory: i just started today actually don't have an account or char yet cause the server is not up.

Do you have any GM Experience, If so please provide proof, and a description: I'm a server owner. SelectionMS. Website is (selectionms . webs . com)

Why Should we Pick You what can you do to help, please do not rewrite anything from above: i am very experianced and i know what servers are looking for since i had to start as a player. i've been in the private server industry for 2 years now and i enjoy coding and helping out other players when they need help.

What would you do if your not picked for GM: I would continue to play as a player if the server is good and if it wasnt i would continue to try and help with what i could. (:

Additional Info: I am 17 i play sports and on my free time this is all i do.

Contact Info: a_rex1 @ live. com

Any other Information: Dont have anything else thanks for taking your time to read my boring app tho (:

Thank you for Reading my Application:



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