blues lvl 4 gm application

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Re: blues lvl 4 gm application

Post  iCollapse on Thu Sep 01, 2011 4:03 pm


You will stay Level 3 GM


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blues lvl 4 gm application

Post  blue on Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:57 pm

Your Name:Nick

Your IGN:i havent made it yet

Ingame Level/Rebirths:none server hasnt started to be fair


How Active are You:i will be active on school bracks but not during school because i go to boarding school

How long have you been playing MidnightStory:server not started yet

Do you have any GM Experience, If so please provide proof, and a description:i dont have any experience i get the idea of ! commands though

Why Should we Pick You what can you do to help, please do not rewrite anything from above:ive seen a few hacks happening so i know what to look for and ill do what i can to help new people or anyone in tserver who asks plus im mexican (thats gotta mean something right?)

What would you do if your not picked for GM:ill so freaking pissed!! lol just kidding ill be happy as a lvl 3 gm lvl 4 would be epic though

Additional Info:

Contact Info:nicholas(dot)a(dot)b@hotmail(dot)com
new members are not allowed to post emails for give the "(dot)"

Any other Information:this is gonna be an insane server cant wait to help

Thank you for Reading my Application:i know it was really bad considering no play time no rebirths and stuff but to be fair the server has not been online yet

sincerly nick

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