Andrew's Application for GM

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Andrew's Application for GM

Post  kidsj99 on Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:28 pm

Your Name: Andrew

Your IGN: Andrew

Ingame Level/Rebirths: I didn't make character yet

Location/Time: Next to owner

How Active are You: Depends on how good game is

How long have you been playing MidnightStory: Have not played yet

Do you have any GM Experience, If so please provide proof, and a description: No

Why Should we Pick You what can you do to help, please do not rewrite anything from above: I'll imbarece owner in drama class if not GM

What would you do if your not picked for GM: Look above

Additional Info: Not really

Contact Info: Owner has my cell phone number

Any other Information: Nah

Thank you for Reading my Application

Sincerely, Andrew


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