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Error -2147287038
You're probably missing a file from your v83 folder. It's usually mob.wz, so make sure you have that. If you're unsure of which file you're missing, then re-install v83.
Here is a list of files you should have in your v83 folder, and the download links to get them.
Dll files
WZ Files
Alternative Download


Error 10093
This is a common error that Vista users have a problem with.
First, go to Start, and type in "Command Prompt" in your search box OR go to Start>All programs>Accessories>Command Prompt. Run the Command Prompt as Administrator (Right click and click 'Run As Administrator'). In the box, type in netsh winsock reset and press enter. Restart your computer and it should work fine.

Error -2147467259

Windows 7 ... _7_drivers

Click the correct one for your system. If you need one for Windows XP, then PM me or leave a comment.

You can click those links, or go to your Windows Update
(Start>Control Panel>System and Security> Windows Update>Check for updates)

If it's not a problem with your drivers, check your graphics drivers or try and re-install your v83.


Server Check/Firewall

If you get a "Server Check/Firewall" error, it usually means:

a)The server is offline

b)You have a anti-virus that's not letting you use the client.

c)Your firewall is disabling it.


a) Simply wait for a server restart, or wait for it to go online again.

b)Disable your anti-virus. Remember NOT to download Norton Security It has horrible protection, alerts false viruses and trojans, and when your subscription expires, you always get this stupid pop up. I recommend Esset Smart Security, AVG 4, or something like that.

c) Go to Control Panel> System and Security> Windows Firewall> (At the left hand side) Turn Windows Firewall on/off>Select "Turn Windows Firewall off" or something like that. If you do not want to disable your firewall, go to Computer>Control Panel>System and Security> (Left hand side) Let another program or feature through windows firewall> Allow another program> Select the client & Maplestory.exe from your v83 folder.

Error 38

Common error. Simply restart the client.

ijl15.dll missing
This doesn't mean that you're missing ijl15.dll missing from your v83 folder. It just means that you don't have your client in your v83 folder. Find your client, and drag it to your folder, OR click it once, and press CTRL and X to cut it, CTRL and V to paste it into your folder.

DC After PIC

A lot of people D/C after entering their PIC when they've played a server that is v88+ (might include GMS). The "D/C after PIC" is also known as "The Microsoft Loopback Adapter". To disable the adapter go to Start> Computer> System Properties ( at the top bar)>Device Manager ( at the side bar )>Network Adapters> Drive> Disable Microsoft Loopback Adapter

Can't Log in.

Run the client as administrator (right click the client and select "Run As Administrator")
or wait for a server restart if no one can get on. On some servers, (maybe this one) you can type in "fixme" or "logout" as your password and you can get unstuck.

Stuck In Character Selection

If you login, click channel, and click on your character and you d/c or get stuck, try:
a)Re log, but this time, click "View all characters" or something like that, and click your character
b) Re log, and click on a different channel
c) Relog and click on a different channel. Click the your character and the start button at the side. If it still doesn't work, relog, Click on another channel other than channel 1, and click your character ONCE and press 'enter' on your keyboard.

If nothing works, either re-install your v83, it's the server's problem, or no one can log in.


Account Does Not Exist/ Unregistered I.D.

Common mistake, you have installed v83 with/in your GMS folder (C:\Local Disk\Nexon\Maplestory). Don't do that. To correctly download your v83:

1. Download v83 and the client.

2. Install the v83. When it asks you where you want to install the v83, the default location should be "C:/Local Disk/Nexon/Maplestory. If you play GMS, or another server that's not v83, then change it. To change the location of your download, click "Browse". If you want, you can pre-make a folder called "v83" or something like that. Just don't keep it on your desktop, it might slow your computer down when you have big files on your desktop. That, or when you're browsing for a folder to install in, click a location you'd like your v83 at, and click the folder button to make a new folder.

3. Once it's finish installing, get your client, and put in into the v83 folder.

*note: You don't have to make a separate folder for every private server you're gonna play. You can have more than one client in one folder, and it'll still work as long as you don't have edited maps, or custom maps from any other server (string.wz, map.wz, mob.wz, etc.). Then I recommend you make a separate folder for that one server with the custom files.


How to remove light bulb + quest notification thing

1. Copy and paste that link to your address bar thingy.
> <
(It SHOULD be a Quest.wz)

2.Extract into your v83 folder.(Right-click it and click 'Extract files', and when a box comes up, find your v83 folder, and click that once. Click 'Extract'. OR, double-click the .rar file to open it, and click the file ONCE. Go to the top and click "Extract To.." or something like that and find you v83 folder, and click it ONCE, and click 'Extract')

(3.) Open the folder inside the v83 folder and cut it ( keyboard: Ctrl + X )

(4.) Paste it in the v83 folder ( Where all the client files are. and stuff.) (Ctrl + V)
(Only do Steps 3 & 4 if you extracted the files by right-clicking it, OR if you extracted the file to your v83 folder, and inside your v83 folder was a folder called 'Quest.wz'.)

5. When it asks if you want to replace the file, keep both files, or blahblahblah, click 'replace'

6. Enjoy.


MS Frozen?

From time to time, there is a MAJOR lag/ freeze. This is a guide on how to turn off your MS if you can't control anything in-game, and just the maplestory is frozen.

First solution:

1. Press that little 'windows' key with the flag, if you have one, or whatever your computer/laptop's software symbol is.
2. The start panel should come up. move your mouse over to the maplestory tab that's open (Maplestory)
3. Right click it and click 'close program'
ta-da! It doesnt always work for me, so heres an alternative way:

1. Do step one from the first solution.
2.the start panel should come up. ignore it.
3. Go to your taskbar ( the thingy with all the programs on it with the start button on it.) and right click it.
4. Click 'start task manager'
5. A list of programs will come up that you're running.
6. Select 'Maplestory' and at the bottom right corner of the little box that popped up, click 'end program'
(7) There MIGHT be another mini box indicating that 'Maplestory is not working properly' or something like that. Click 'end program'

Annd that's pretty much what I have. This also works if you are stuck in character log in, or if you're stuck at character selection.

If you keep getting rolledback, use @save repeatedly
If you can't go into the cash shop, go to channel 1 and try or relog
This is really common with Norton Security users. Like I said, don't download it. It's also common with Avira Anti-virus. It's not a virus, it's harmless. Bascially Themida is a type of program or something that protects itself from being cracked or hacked, which is SIMILAR to a virus, which cannot be cracked or hacked, etc. It's usually attached to Maplestory.exe.

Error code: -2005530520
You have clicked 2 different private server clients. Close on of the windows you have open.
That, or the fact that your computer/laptop has a registry problem. Download a registry cleaner here><
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime
Rarely, you might get this error. It's usually caused by conflict with applications, viruses or memory issues. Make sure to scan your computer/laptops for viruses. Use a registry cleaner.
npkcrypt.dll Missing
It's possible that your MapleStory files have been mixed in with Combat Arms or a v55 private server. To fix this, keep Combat Arms on C:/, and reinstall v83/ v55, or whatever version you need; onto your desktop. Even if it slows your computer/laptop down when you have large files on your desktop, just have it there temporarily.
If that doesn't work, download it here .Before you do that, make sure that you use a registry cleaner.
For ANY DLL files that you need:
DLL Files:
A Simple way of boosting your internet by just a bit.

I reckon you've all played GMS, Combat Arms, Mabinogi, or a Nexon game. When you download it, Nexon PROBABLY gave you another file to download, Pando Booster. Pando Booster is like a malware. Nexon has to pay for extra bandwidth that it needs to give you a download, so in order to make everything cheaper, they give us Pando Booster. Pando Booster uses your internet to:
1. Install that Nexon game.
BUT, what you don't know is, it also uses your internet when you don't know. To remove this program, go to Start> Control Panel> Uninstall a Program
Look for Pando Media Booster, or something along that lines of that. Click it once and go to the top and click "Un-install/change" and un-install it.
Leveling Guide.

Level 1-30: Kill the snails until you have 5k, which is usually at level 10-16. After that, go to Henesys Hunting Ground and kill the mobs until level 30.

Level 31-40: Kill the zombies at "Chimney Possessed by Skeletons" or something like that, by fmnpc > World Tour > Monster Maps > (All the way at the bottom) Chimney Possessed by Skeletons"

Level 41-60 or 70 : Go to "Chimney Possessed by Scarecrows" by fmnpc> world tour> monster map> (at the bottom) Chimney posssessed by scarecrows.

Level 71-90 : Go to the "Chimney possessed by clowns"

Level 91- 120 or 130: Go to skeletons. Fmnpc> World Tour> Monster Maps> Entrance to dragon's nest> Go to the right portal.

Level 131-200: Go to FM 8-12 and kill HH. It might take a while with no rebirths, but it's the most efficient way to level up at this point.

Useful things:

- Onyx apple or Narcain's Elixir
- Power Elixirs
- Buffs ( @Superbuff for followers of Ares)
- Scrolled weapons and armour
- Help. Ask someone to help you level up.
- (for warriors) Use Combo Attack or whatever.

** This really only helps if you have 0-2 rebirths**

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